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Why Women Love Wand Vibrators, 'The Bulldozer of Sex Toys'?


For over half a century, Wand vibrators have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of women's lives, and it's no wonder why. An unassuming device, originally marketed as a 'body massager' by the Japanese conglomerate company Hitachi in 1968, has become nothing short of iconic.

In an era where sleek and sculptural vibrators parade the market, Wand vibrators stand apart as a testament to simplicity and efficiency. Unlike their high-end counterparts, they look like what they are: household appliances from the 1970s. However, their unassuming appearance is deceptive, for beneath that plain exterior lies a powerhouse of pleasure.

Betty Dodson, the renowned sex educator, was one of the early advocates of Wand Vibrators. She recognized their potential as a tool for female self-pleasure, and her advocacy helped normalize their use. Over the years, Dodson's name has become practically synonymous with Wand Vibrators, and her work paved the way for open discussions about female pleasure.

The Wand Vibrators' unique selling point lies in their 20 intense, rumbling vibration patterns that offer precise stimulation wherever you desire – enjoy them solo or with a partner! However, the intensity can be overwhelming for some, leading them to use it through clothing as a way to diffuse the vibrations.

While other vibrators have evolved in design and function, Wand Vibrators have remained a steadfast choice for many. They are devices that resonate with nostalgia and encourage bold self-expression.

For artists, the Wand collection of Adult vibrators has become a muse, inspiring works that celebrate liberation, sexuality, and self-acceptance. From evocative watercolor paintings to exquisite jewelry, they've made their mark in different art forms, boldly celebrating the importance of owning and enjoying one's desires and pleasures.

The Wand Vibrators' journey from a hidden tool for self-pleasure to an emblem of empowerment is a testament to their enduring relevance. In a world where discussions around sexuality and self-love are more open than ever, these unpretentious devices continue to play a vital role in women's lives, bringing joy, liberation, and a sense of bold self-assertion.

So, whether they're named the Magic Wand, the Hitachi, Turbo20 (as we fondly call our bestselling Wand Vibrator at Ecsta Care), or simply 'the bulldozer of sex toys,' one thing is clear: they're enduring symbols of self-discovery and empowerment, cherished by generations of women who understand the value of embracing their desires and needs.

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