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Wanna Make Your Sex Life Better? Try the Start, Stop & Keep Method

When it comes to feeling good in your sex life, it's all about being thoughtful. Think of it like this: there are things you might want to start doing, things you want to stop, and things you want to keep doing. We'll call it the "Start, Stop & Keep" method. It's like a roadmap for making your sex life awesome. With this approach, you can try out new stuff, say goodbye to things that aren't working, and stick with what's great. Ready to give it a go and make your sex life even better?

Start: Try Something New
The "Start" phase is all about exploring new experiences and finding what brings you joy in your sex life. You can experiment with different activities, such as trying out new positions or techniques, to discover what feels best for you and your partner. For instance, incorporating mindfulness practices like deep breathing or meditation can help you feel more connected to your body during intimate moments.

Don't forget to consider adding sex toys into the mix! Trying out different toys can add excitement and pleasure to your experiences. Whether it's experimenting with vibrators, exploring bondage gear, or incorporating other toys into your play, there are plenty of options to explore.

Practice self-care! Take time to prioritize your own pleasure and well-being. Consider setting aside dedicated time for self-pleasure, indulging in a relaxing bath before intimacy, or simply taking moments to check in with yourself and your desires.

Feel free to talk openly with your partner about what you both want and enjoy. This kind of communication can strengthen your emotional bond and build trust. Don't be afraid to be curious, try new things, and keep an open mind when exploring your sexuality. Doing so can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

Stop: Let Go of Harmful Patterns
In the "Stop" phase, it's important to recognize and ditch behaviors or habits that mess with your sexual wellness and happiness. This means saying no to things that make you feel bad or hold you back.

For starters, it's time to shake off the pressure of living up to society's expectations or unrealistic standards. Instead of worrying about how you perform, focus on enjoying the moment and connecting with your partner.

Also, it's crucial to tackle habits like watching too much porn, relying too heavily on substances, or being too hard on yourself. These things not only mess with your mental and physical health but also make it harder to enjoy intimacy. By letting go of shame or guilt tied to these habits, you can accept who you truly are and feel better about yourself.

Moreover, it's important to deal with any deeper issues, like past trauma or problems in your relationship, that might be affecting your sex life. Talking to a therapist or counselor can help you work through these challenges and improve your overall sexual wellness.

As you shed negative patterns from your sexual experiences, you're creating space for more fulfilling and satisfying new adventures.

Keep: Nurturing Positive Practices
In the "Keep" phase, it's crucial to maintain the positive aspects that contribute to a fulfilling sex life. This involves recognizing what's working well and ensuring it continues. For instance, adhering to healthy habits like regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, practicing safe sex, and maintaining hygiene, such as keeping sex toys clean, can boost overall well-being and vitality and make you feel more energized and alive in the bedroom.

Additionally, don't overlook the importance of fostering intimacy, trust, and emotional connection with your partner. This can be achieved through open communication, empathy, never taking each other for granted, showing affection, and creating meaningful shared experiences. Remember, sexual wellness is an ongoing journey that requires consistent care and attention to thrive.

Application of "Start, Stop & Keep" framework.
Start: Experimenting with new forms of sexual expression, such as sensual exploration, adult toys, erotic literature, or sexual wellness workshops, to enhance pleasure and intimacy.

Stop: Letting go of internalized shame, guilt, or fear surrounding sexuality and embracing a more accepting and compassionate attitude towards oneself and others.

Keep: Nurturing positive habits and routines that promote sexual wellness, such as regular communication with partners, self-exploration, and prioritizing pleasure and self-care.

The "Start, Stop & Keep" approach empowers us to take proactive steps towards greater satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness. Cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and others for a more fulfilling and vibrant sexual life. The path to sexual wellness is unique for each individual, and it's essential to approach it with openness, curiosity, and self-compassion.
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