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Depiction Of Female Pleasure – We Deserve Better!

In recent times, people are realizing the importance of showing women's desires as normal in various mediums like movies, books, literature, and everyday life. We're not implying that watching women express their sexualities on-screen is always enjoyable. Besides the joy or excitement, it can be incredibly validating. Authentic depictions of female pleasure are rare, whether they are in a novel, a poem, a painting, ancient scriptures, or any other form of expression.

Rarely in movies or books do we see women openly expressing their true desires and fantasies. Sometimes, people are more disturbed by witnessing scenes of oral sex in movies than by violent crime scenes. It's like the entertainment industry thinks it's more okay to show violence than to show people enjoying sex. Women deserve better.

The Problem:
Sadly, the lack of women's pleasure in various mediums is not surprising when we think about how women's pleasure is treated in real life. Studies show that women in heterosexual relationships are much less likely to have an orgasm during sex compared to men. This is a big issue, and it gets worse because of how women's pleasure is shown in movies, TV shows, books, and other forms of media. Plus, there's not enough good sex education, and society cares more about men's pleasure than anyone else's.

Fixing the Problem:
Fixing this problem isn't just about showing more orgasms in movies or TV shows. It's about changing the way people think about it. For a long time, entertainment was mostly made for heterosexual men. This is called the male gaze. It's like the camera only shows what heterosexual men want to see. This makes it harder for women to enjoy movies, books, or any other form of media because they don't see themselves in them.

The male gaze and other old-fashioned ideas about sex make it hard for women to show their pleasure in various mediums. It's not just harmful; it's on purpose. Showing different kinds of sexual pleasure could make things better for everyone. But right now, people are more worried about keeping things the same, even if it's not fair. Think about it: when was the last time you saw a woman using a sex toy on screen? Compare that to how often you see men doing things they enjoy sexually in movies or TV shows, even with other men. It's not equal.

Why It Matters:
It's important for people to have control over their own bodies. But it's hard for women to do that when movies, TV shows, books, and other forms of media only show sex in one way. Instead of feeling good about their bodies and what they want, women feel embarrassed or scared. This isn't fair. Everyone should be able to decide what they want to do with their bodies without being judged.

While female characters in cinema have progressed from being the stereotypical damsel in distress, the portrayal of female sexuality on screen still leaves much to be desired. People are quick to judge women who are open about their sexuality, but they don't do the same for men. Women and men both want sex, and that's okay. It's time for everyone to accept that. Women shouldn't be shamed for wanting the same things men do, be it in film, literature, visual art, or any other mode of creative outlet.
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