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Is 'Sex Drive' A Myth?

In our ever-evolving world, the celebration of sexual acceptance and pleasure is on the rise, and that's fantastic! However, as we acknowledge our inclinations, it's equally important to recognize that it's okay not to want sex, and there's nothing wrong with that. The concept of a "sex drive" is rather complex. So, let's delve into the intriguing world of human desires and understand why the term "sex drive" may not accurately capture this complexity.

Not Like Hunger or Thirst
First and foremost, when we say that sex isn't a "drive," we're not denying that many folks naturally yearn for it. They absolutely do! However, it's not a drive in the way we typically think of, such as our need for oxygen, food, or water. In reality, the absence of sex won't lead to any life-threatening situations, no matter how much you might crave it.

So, why did we start calling it a "sex drive" in the first place?
Blame it on the late 1800s. Back then, discussing sex was a lot less common, especially outside the realm of marriage and procreation. "Sex" and "drive" got cozy together, with the idea that we're driven to have sex.

Different Desires for Different Folks
But here's the catch: what someone means when they talk about their "sex drive" can vary wildly. Are they driven to have sex like they're driven to climb the career ladder? Because if that's the case, then 'drive' might be an appropriate term.

However, just as it's normal for some folks to lack the drive to reach the ultimate pinnacle of a mega-corporation, it's equally normal for some to lack a "drive" for sex. That's why we often use the term "sexual desire" instead of "sex drive." The desire for sex is a motivational system, different from the physiological undertones of a "drive." Plus, it comes with a built-in reward system that keeps the cycle going.

Spontaneous and Responsive Desire
But hold on, if sex isn't a drive, why do people still want it? Well, sex can be a natural desire, just not a drive per se. It usually falls into two categories: spontaneous and responsive desire. The first one, spontaneous desire, is what you might think of as the classic "horny" feeling that appears out of nowhere. It's that sudden urge that makes you want to pounce on someone or take matters into your own hands. But, here's the twist—responsive desire, where you desire sex in response to external factors like physical arousal or emotional intimacy, is just as valid and maybe even more common, especially among those with female sex organs.

The Fluidity of Desire
So, the notion of a "sex drive" falls flat because it implies a constant motivating force, while in reality, our desires can ebb and flow. Factors like biology, cultural norms, relationship dynamics, and lifestyle choices all influence our sexual desires. Stress and sleep deprivation can lower libido, while regular exercise or a bit of self-love can rev it up.

Asexuality: A Valid Identity
But what about people on the asexuality spectrum? The concept of a "drive" not only misrepresents how and why people get turned on, but it also suggests that humans need sex, like they need food or water. That's just not true. Asexuality is a valid identity. People on this spectrum may not experience much if any, sexual attraction, but that doesn't mean they're devoid of romance or intimacy. Many asexual individuals are in fulfilling, committed relationships that aren't centered around sex.

It's essential to understand that asexuality isn't a disorder or something that needs fixing. If someone with hypoactive sexual desire disorder feels distressed over their lack of sexual desire, there are treatment options available. However, for those on the asexuality spectrum, there's no pathology to address, and they're not missing out on some universal human "drive." Their experience is entirely valid.

Respecting Diversity in Desire
So, why does asexuality sometimes seem "abnormal"? Well, it's because it's a relatively small percentage of the population, and most people have different sexual expectations. Communication is key here. Asexual individuals need to express their needs and boundaries to their romantic partners to ensure that their expectations regarding sex, or the absence of it, are understood and respected.

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